Choose Your Adventure


Remember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories every local library somehow always had? We all cheated, let’s be honest. I remember skimming through those books while I wiled away my days in the library, a second home. I of course would make the bad decision and get killed, reminding me never, ever investigate strange noises for fear of death by dramatic irony. And I have also loved the structure of episodic television.

Since I discovered I could write words in an order to achieve communication, I wanted to tell a story over a long period of time. That is part of why I think the phrase “Golden of Age of Television,” ushered in by the likes of The Sopranos, The Wire, and Deadwood, gets thrown around. It’s not like these stories weren’t being told. Hell, Sopranos was practically sold as “The Godfather: The Series.” Now obviously the superb writing on all those shows transcended any kind of genre or formula while retaining that easy-to-sell pitch, but my point is this:

It mirrors real life, where we spend time with certain people over a period of time. People live and die at both meaningful and random moments. Life has a beginning, middle, and end.

Except for Chuck Norris

For many years, since I discovered my passion of writing, I’ve been waiting for fame to happen. Surely, if I sat here long enough, good things would appear out of thin air. Fortunately, reality hit me in the under-endowed dick real quick. Waiting for something life-changing is about as good as waiting to die, insofar as they are the same. That’s why this year I’ve sworn to keep producing content, and part of what drives me is you, the reader.

If you’re reading this, thank you, you’ve read my words. May I ask for a little input, too? What I’d like to do is give the audience a chance to choose which story they would like told in serialized form. Some of these ideas I’ve had knockin’ around my noggin’ for several years, some I came up with as I made the poll (see bottom). There are six ideas I have that I hope will cover a gamut of genre and interest.

These stories would be released weekly every Friday starting a week from this Friday and unspool over the course of 2015. By the end of the year, we, the writer and the audience, will have a full-length novel. The poll will be open until next Monday. Let your vote be known!

About Sam Flynn

Wasting oxygen since 1992, Sam thanks the gods he doesn't believe in everyday his parents didn't discard him as an infant. It would have been the sensible thing to do.
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