Back After the Commercial Interruption

Guess who’s back, back, back again . . .

I couldn’t resist. Bad news: some WiFi troubles left me Internet-less (which is both better and worse than you think it is). Good news: I was able to get work done on my novel Tears of Elmaya. Combine them and what you end up with is a two-week break from the Slog. Here I am now, refreshed and ready to continue our journey in pop culture and storytelling.

Upcoming writings include reviews of the new Netflix shows Bloodline and Daredevil and a review of the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere, as well as a new, semi-regular column called the Hollywood Echo Chamber where we examine the largest – yet most insular – creative force on the planet. It’ll examine dueling movie battles like 2012’s “Snow White” films Mirror Mirror and Snow White & the Huntsman 2013’s dueling “Die Hard in a White House” films and Olymups Has Fallen and White House Down. (UPDATE 9/23/15: This piece was sold and published by Guff! Find it here)

Thanks for being patient and, like Kendrick and Tyler the Creator, I will drop both my upcoming debut mixtape as a rapper, titled SPF as well as the long-delayed first epistory in my detective noir series Caged when you absolutely least expect it. And most likely when I least expect as well. Creativity runs in bursts, you know. So here . . . we . . . go.

About Sam Flynn

Wasting oxygen since 1992, Sam thanks the gods he doesn't believe in everyday his parents didn't discard him as an infant. It would have been the sensible thing to do.
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